Consultancy offerings

Quflow can help with one or more of the following tasks to make sure your product exceed expectations:

Step 1: Find a modern platform series for your product family where all hardware and software components already play well together and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Step 2: Find main message that will build the value of the product family and preferably a unique message for each product.

Step 3: Find soft quality criteria (excellent/good/poor) that relate most to the intended customer.

Step 4: Find soft design challenges (hard/standard/easy) that contribute most to the main value.

Step 5: Find solutions to design challenges through regularly updated and aggregated risk/opportunity analyses.

Step 6: Construct the most efficient system design, product optimizations and integration guidelines based on regularly updated design solutions using research, lessons learned, modeling, benchmarking, prototyping, identification and maturity/cost/value roadmaps for each design challenge in use-cases and scenarios where system performance is most critical.

Step 7: Connect people into small and effective teams focussed on quality parameters that can be continuously benchmarked and designs that are easy to integrate without any need for guarantee repairs. Develop methodologies and training that stimulate creativity, team-working and quality improvements across all disciplines and organizations involved.

Step 8: Product engineering and verification such as driving and participating in product adaptation, requirement coverage analysis, competitor analysis, lab testing, focus testing, field testing, certifications, volume qualification, feedback harvesting and continuous improvement activities.

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