Previous involvements by Joakim Pettersson, the founder of Quflow.


  • One advanced-mechanics camera phone.
  • Six calibration and verification systems for RF ASICs, RF front-end modules and RF sensor systems.
  • One rapid service-creation environment for telecom services.
  • One benchmarking system for QoS on random link topologies (scatternets).
  • One benchmarking and reverse-engineering system for dynamic power-consumtion.
  • One vehicle roll-over warning system.
  • One expert system for judgement of driver comfort during vehicle accelerations.
  • One drive-train simulator for electric vehicles with traction battery, hydrogen fuel cell and methanol fuel reformer.
  • Three interactive simulators with interactive course guide for teaching gas cycles, water cycles and buoyancy of floating bodies.
  • One transistor lithography method and one characterization system for single-electron transistors.


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