The essence of engineering

We have to make assumptions on the quality of things we have to get new things done, and places where trouble is found is where those assumptions are wrong. When such troubles are researched and resolved, new and valuable knowledge is created, engineering continues and quality grows at a rapid and steady pace. This site is focussed on building knowledge, raising creativity and understanding assumptions about products and systems engineered today, so that good quality is obtained as rapidly and trouble-free as possible.

Another well-researched fact is that companies and projects where visions, product ideas, engineering problems and tangible solutions are communicated and negotiated openly are guaranteed to succeed, while those that focus more on requirements and competition will seldom meet the needs and expectations of our dynamic and connected society. The cooperative mindset that we need is also so much more healthy and intellectually stimulating for the whole community involved. Scientists, product planners, engineers, sales, support as well as user communities that have thoughts on or an interest in good engineering of high-performing, efficient and dependable products and systems are therefore always particularly welcome here!

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