Systems engineering and benchmarking

In order to exceed user expectations, it must be possible to benchmark the design and compare with competitors. There is a need for methods, test setups, prototypes, demos and test reports that are accurate, comprehensive and always up-to-date. Perfeco test and certification services delivers this quickly and comprehensively based on a long experience within design of low-cost test setups, rapid prototyping, benchmarking and system identification in a manner that fits test engineers, legal bodies, customer expectations and marketing well.

Quflow is the mother company for Perfeco. Besides the rapid verification and benchmarking performed within Perfeco, Quflow also has the capability to follow up with detailed trouble-shooting, systems integration and optimisation of related design parameters that have large impact on product quality and user experience. 

Typical aspects include radio coverage, energy conservation, thermal stability and signal integrity in mobile devices (industrializations). More unique aspects include driver comfort and fuel efficiency of vehicles, teaching efficiency of interactive simulations, and charge sensitivity of single-electron transistors (publications). Everything within product performance and system efficiency is particularly interesting!

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