Specifications for a super-low-cost access and educational device

Wanting to contribute to higher education for everyone? Below is minimum specifications for an access device with this purpose, according to The Near Computer Science & Engineering Department at Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan (
Projected base prize assuming 1-10 million devices, including all software and hardware licenses (see link above): $35
  • Mobile system on chip or module meeting quite moderate performance specs (see link above)
  • Qwerty keyboard, mouse, webcam
  • 7” color screen or projector (support for RGB projector required)
  • 2 USB, SD, RGB, ethernet, external HD
  • RF certification according to FCC guidelines (of course!)
  • Three hours usage per charging, charger
  • Shock resistant casing or suitable form factor
  • Normal operation at 0-48 degC temperature, 80% relative humidity, 2g acceleration
  • ROHS Compliant
Prize margin opportunities:
  • WLAN
  • RAM and hard-disk/NAND-flash options
  • Environmental shield
  • Larger screen/projector
  • Touch screen
  • Solar cell or hybrid capacitor replacement for battery
  • HDMI port
  • Playback: AVCHD
  • Multimedia I/O Interfaces: DTV, IPTv, DTH
  • Internet browsing: flash player (adobe)

If interested in streamlining your product suite towards such extreme low-cost and high usability requirements, please contact Quflow for a free (draft) customized feasibility analysis, technical coordination offer and project sponsoring strategy under strictest NDA.

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